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Who We Are

The Oxford University Society is the official alumni association of Oxford University. The San Diego branch represents about 250 Oxonians in San Diego County.

Who Can Join

Anyone who matriculated as a member of the University, or who has been engaged in academic work in the University, may join us.  Even if you are already registered with the OUS in Oxford we encourage you to submit your registration with us to make sure we have your most recent contact information.

Our Goals

  • To support Oxford University in San Diego County, to enhance its profile and to promote its interests
  • To foster excellence in academic training, professional and interdisciplinary continuing education, and international understanding
  • To facilitate contact among Oxford alumni and friends by organizing a wide variety of events and promoting our common interests

A Bit Of History

The Oxford University Society (OUS) replaced the Oxford Society (established in 1932) with effect from May 2001. Former members of the Oxford Society automatically became members of OUS. Later in 2004 it is planned to transfer the OUS formally under the authority of the University. 

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